5 reasons why Volcano Rex disrupts the lottery landscape

Welcome to the universe of Volcano Rex, one of La Française des Jeux’s latest instant games, which pushes the boundaries of the online lottery world. With its unique gameplay, Volcano Rex is a true innovation where luck meets excitement in an eruption of prizes. Let’s take a closer look at the five reasons why this game is shaking up the lottery landscape.

1. A collection of special symbols

Volcano Rex is not a classic game in which players only have to align symbols. The volcano and the unpredictable nature of the dinosaurs add special tremors to the whole experience. On top of the symbol matching mechanic, the game includes special symbols that trigger unexpected effects. For example, at any time during the game, players can be exposed to meteorite showers. Meteorites destroy some symbols on the grid, making room for new ones.

Players can also unearth a dinosaur egg on the grid, giving them access to a mini-game where they must choose between three eggs to win the associated prize. More classically, players can win extra rounds of play (+1 and +2) or get a ‘bonus‘ symbol, which allows them to play an extra game at the end of the main game.

2. A Symbol Upgrade mechanic

In Volcano Rex, in addition to the exciting features, the fossil symbols on the grid have a lower value than others. However, this can change when the symbol upgrade mechanic comes into play. When players find a dinosaur in flames, the fossils will turn into additional dinosaurs.

3. An integrated progressive Jackpot

On top of all the twists and turns of this unique gameplay, players will enjoy a progressive jackpot mechanic within the game. Each time they uncover volcanoes on the grid, they win the corresponding prizes. They accumulate volcanoes throughout the game. But there is a twist: the final amount they represent can only be won if players find a ‘collect’ item on the grid during the game.

4. An exciting Bonus game

The bonus game presents players with the same multi-column grid. But this time, each column has a gauge associated with a symbol. If players collect enough symbols to fill the gauges, they win the associated prize. In addition, if players uncover the ‘Mysterysymbol on one of the grid columns, they collect the prize for the corresponding gauge. This special bonus game ends when players have exhausted their attempts. They can cumulate their winnings throughout the game.

5. An elaborate thematic

Last but not least, the game features immersive graphics that transport players to a prehistoric universe where dinosaurs roam noisily and treasures await discovery. The game grid is set against the backdrop of a fiery volcano. Surrounding the volcano are lush forests and plains, home to the dinosaurs that inhabit this landscape. The grid itself supports a variety of creatures, rendered in stunning detail, and the many sound effects of the events taking place in the game add to the overall excitement.

In short, Volcano Rex’s gameplay is revolutionary thanks to its many features, including special symbols that can be increased in value, an in-game progressive jackpot, a bonus game and a wild theme. It provides an augmented online gaming experience that delights both new and returning players and pushes the boundaries of the lottery sector.

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