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Best prices & risk managment and superior service to differentiate your sportsbook

Price feeds & quantitative risk management and Fully Managed Betting Services

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Premium prices

We rely on proprietary algorithms to deliver highly superior pre-match and in-play pricing, underpinned by more official data sources than any other supplier.

Best trading and risk management

Prices automatically refined based on your exposure and attitude to risk. Automated client analytics supporting real-time price optimisation. Bespoke trading service to optimize sales and profit.

High performance platform

Our state-of-the-art omni-channel platform can be uniquely set-up with market-leading functionality. It comes with a suite of widgets that are easy to integrate in front-end applications.

Fully Managed Betting Services

Service covering the whole value chain from content and price to frontends. Offer localization at best so that our client can develop a solid market share in a competitive marketplace.

Why choose FDJ Gaming Solutions

Responsible innovations

We develop sustainable games and solutions that decrease addiction risks in line with regulators’ best practices

Customizable technology

We adapt our solutions to your specific use cases and country regulations promoting collaborative partnerships

High compliance

We are the lottery with the highest number of accreditations to provide games and solutions compliant with regulators

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