Interactive Factory

Develop your iLottery vertical to the best level

Best of breed content approach, unique entertainment value to attract younger audience, pooling of digital liquidities from multiple lotteries.

High standards distribution platform

One single integration to connect to a continuous stream of innovations and a large diversity of digital game content.

The Interactive Factory shapes the future of digital lottery.

Innovation & multiple game logics

A unique suite of game engines supporting eInstants games, progressive games involving player decisions, gamification features and multiplayer lottery logics.

Presto logic – Double or Quit


Access to an attractive catalogue fueled by FDJ innovation and ever-growing ecosystem of studios developing on our open Game Development Kit (GDK) or connected as Remote Gaming Servers (RGS).

Shared liquidity

Platform concentrating player liquidities from multiple lotteries activated through shared multi-currencies jackpot, multi-player lottery games, and pooling logic.

Why choose FDJ Gaming Solutions

Responsible innovations

We develop sustainable games and solutions that decrease addiction risks in line with regulators’ best practices

Customizable technology

We adapt our solutions to your specific use cases and country regulations promoting collaborative partnerships

High compliance

We are the lottery with the highest number of accreditations to provide games and solutions compliant with regulators

Ready for a change?

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