Instant Lottery Modernization

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Magic Instants

Next generation platform simplifying logistic & easing distribution. Natively designed to combine scratch card gameplay with additional game logics to modernize instant lottery products.

Fully Managed Instant Lottery Services

One-stop shop: strategic consulting, game design, innovation, ticket sourcing and platform operations on Magic Instants.

Unique Presto Logic

Proven innovation with thrilling digital extensions to tickets enabling players to multiply their winnings at the risk of losing everything. Simple mobile scan, no account, unchanged journey in POS.

A new range of Instant Lottery products

Interactive games coupled with instant lottery games form our Presto Products. Exciting and unique gameplays, involving player decisions.

Discover Presto – Take it or leave it

Why choose FDJ Gaming Solutions

Responsible innovations

We develop sustainable games and solutions that decrease addiction risks in line with regulators’ best practices

Customizable technology

We adapt our solutions to your specific use cases and country regulations promoting collaborative partnerships

High compliance

We are the lottery with the highest number of accreditations to provide games and solutions compliant with regulators

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