Step into the world of ancient Egypt with Treasure of the Pyramids

Treasure of the Pyramids is a new online exclusive lottery game from La Française des Jeux that stands out for its alluring theme that captures the essence of ancient Egypt. Featuring both scratch and symbol matching mechanics, Treasure of the Pyramids also offers players exciting features within its gameplay. Let’s take a deep dive into what makes this game unique.

Leveraging the fascination for Ancient Egypt

The first differentiating aspect of this game is its ability to create a compelling universe from an historical theme. It brings the mysteries of ancient Egypt to life with iconic references such the god of the underworld Anubis. In fact, the game consists of matching symbols which are totem animals: lions, snakes, falcons, crocodiles, hippopotamus, scorpion, … To complete this enchanting universe, the game presents refined designs and a specific soundtrack that takes the player back to the time of the pyramids.

Fueling the excitement with thrilling features

The game concept is straightforward at first: players must match symbols on a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line to win. But it has many twists and turns:

Twists & turns of the main gameplay Treasure of the Pyramids
Twists and turns of the main gameplay

• Each mystical symbol is associated with a prize ranging from €1 to €100, which can be accumulated. This means that the game presents a different combination of animals each time, piquing players’ curiosity and keeping them coming back for more.

• The game also includes surprise elements such as storms and torches that rearrange the grid, jokers and boosters that give players extra tries and question marks that hold a mysterious prize. Players can also find up to 3 scarabs, each worth 500€. These features undeniably add to the overall excitement provided by the game.

• In addition, the game has an extra level that can only be played if players find the 5 letters of the word “BONUS“. In this bonus game, players are presented with a wheel of fortune that they must spin in order to try to get additional tries, in addition to the 3 tries they are granted at the beginning of the game.

• Besides, to boost players’ engagement, this game has the best payout rate for the €10 prize of any FDJ game. But that’s not all. FDJ has linked this game to its Super Jackpot. This means that players can try their luck at another meta draw game with a high and constantly updating prize every time they play Treasure of the Pyramides.

The various differentiating elements presented above make this game much more than a classic virtual scratch card. They turn it into a complete online gaming experience that takes players on an exciting and immersive journey through ancient Egypt. With its mesmerizing design, symbolic depth and exciting features, Treasure of the Pyramids is the promise to tempt fortune while unlocking the mysteries of the ancient world.

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