Super 10 or 200 offers players a better chance to scratch their way to riches

Introducing Super 10 or 200, the ultimate online scratch experience. At first glance, this game looks like other classic La Française des Jeux Illiko® scratch cards such as Cash, Pactole or Jackpot. The theme is designed to evoke the feeling of uncovering hidden treasures. Players must scratch their own set of shimmering rubies, emeralds, and sapphires to reveal their lucky numbers. Then, they have to scratch off 24 gleaming gold ingots from the digital card, each revealing a number and a prize. If players’ lucky numbers match the game’s lucky numbers, they can win either 10€ or 200€.

In addition, players are immersed in an audio-visual experience, accompanied by the sound of jewels and ingots being uncovered. The anticipation builds with each of the 24 scratches, adding to the excitement. But if players prefer an instant reveal, they can also click on ‘AUTO’ mode to reveal all the ingots at once. This immediacy is one of the most exciting aspects of the online version.

However, what really sets this instant game apart is its ability to offer players a higher frequency of wins thanks to its fewer and lower prizes. In other words, with a €5 bet, players can try to win only two amounts (€10 or €200) but they are much more likely to win these prizes than in any other game. More specifically, players have a 1 in 5.59 chance of winning €10 and a 1 in 107 chance of winning €200, which is a very high probability for these prize ranges compared to other games. A simple but thrilling idea that delights a wide range of players!

In fact, after the first version of Super 10 or 200, La Française des Jeux launched another version called Super 5 or 50, as proof of its popularity. Available both in store and online, this game leverages the same concept with two new prizes and a green interface.

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