Discover the next level of gamification with Repaire de Pirates

Introducing Repaire de Pirates (“Pirate’s Den”), the new Online Exclusive lottery adventure from La Française des Jeux. Designed as an immersive sea of experiences with different worlds through which players navigate through to win the grand prize, this game is a true innovation. Let’s deep dive into the various features that make this gamified journey to fortune like no other.

1. A multi-dimensional and progressive gameplay

The captivating aspect of the Repaire de Pirates concept is that the game is divided into three distinct worlds on a map, each representing a different stage of the pirates’ quest for untold riches. To progress from one world to the next, players must overcome a series of challenges presented as mini-games within each world. They can also explore the different rules that make up each world on the map before they start playing, adding an exciting sense of anticipation to the game.

Players collect symbols as they play to unlock each universe. Other symbols can be earned throughout the game, giving players various prizes that can be accumulated. The outcome of the game can therefore be drastically different on each round of play, up to €10,000 on a single €1 bet. This makes this game a never-ending exploration that incites players to set course for multiple adventures!

2. Mini-games that vary in theme and mechanics

What makes Repaire de Pirates an engaging gameplay is the variety of challenges that each world presents to players.

The first world they discover is the Pirate’s Boat. Set on the deck of a pirate’s ship, it contains a grid made up of wooden boxes that players have to crack open one at a time to reveal hidden symbols. If four symbols are aligned, they win a prize. But winning does not automatically give players access to the next world, they must find one gold coin to continue.

The second world to explore is the “Game’s Den”. It contains three mini-games with different rules and prizes.

• The first challenge’s, “Barrels’ hoard“, has a simple prize reveal mechanic. Players uncover twelve barrels and if they find three times the same amount, they win.

• The second challenge is “Heads or Tails“. Players are given six coins. They have to bet on which side they will fall – head or tail -. Every time they guess correctly, a gauge fills up. When the gauge reaches its maximum capacity (four correct guesses), they win. If no correct guess is made, they also win a prize.

• The third challenge is “Knife throwing“. Players are presented with targets to click on. Each target has either a point or a skull. As players accumulate points, a prize gauge fills up. The first prize is available from ten points. If players win, they also need to have collected two treasure maps to access the next world.

The final adventure that players embark on, wishing to emerge with the grand prize, is the “Mysterious Forest” world. It offers one “Treasure Chest” challenge with three levels of difficulty, corresponding to different prize tables. Players will have to decide on a strategy according to how much they desire to win and how much they are willing to risk to choose one of the three versions of this mini-game. To win, players have to find the two keys that open the chest among the many keys that lie in front of them. Each time they pick the wrong key, they lose one of their six lives.

In short, what sets “Pirate’s Den” apart from all the other games is the completeness and intricacy of its gameplay, enriched by a broad range of gamification features. Players unfurl the sails of the pirate’s boat to explore an immersive online universe made up of different worlds with many challenges and possible prizes. An unforgettable adventure!

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