Expansion of the FDJ phygital games portfolio. Discover Menez l’enquête

The latest addition to the phygital games range part of the FDJ Illiko® family has been released on March 6th and its performance is already on target. Menez l’enquête (which translates into Carry out the investigation in English) is a scratch card with a €5 stake designed for those who enjoy suspense. It takes players through a series of stages as if they were detectives trying to solve a bank robbery case. Their mission, if they accept it, is to gather clues, moving from crime scene to crime scene and find the jackpot! At the end of this investigation, the most daring players can win up to €1,000,000.

Step 1 (scratch card) – Finding the stolen bundles of cash

Players have to solve the case by investigating first if their lucky numbers match the ones that the ticket grid contains. When a matching number is found, they win the associated prize which can go up to 500,000€. If they discover a diamond symbol in their own winning numbers, they win a separate prize.

If players win, they can claim their prize in a point of sale as usual. But here’s the plot twist: players can also decide to put their prize at stake again (entirely if under €100 or half of it if above) to try and attempt to win up to €1,000,000 by unlocking the digital extension of their scratch ticket. After scanning the QR code and clicking on “play”, they are granted access to the next stage of the game.

Step 2 (digital game) – Chasing robbers throughout the city

Players can use the QR code on their ticket or enter the code on desktop to activate the extension

The online game’s objective is to find the bundles of cash hidden by the thieves through the city. It contains a map with coordinates which divide the city in several areas.

The players’ starting point on the map corresponds to the one indicated on their ticket. Players have 5 clicks on the areas of the map to try and fill their bank bills gauge.

If they find the thieves’ hideout in one of the areas uncovered, they can retrieve even more bank bills by clicking on the various objects in the room. Once all the attempts have been completed, the game ends and the player wins the amount indicated on the gauge. If not enough bundles of cash were found, the game is over.

The key success factors of this new member of the phygital games family

First of all, the scratch ticket has an excellent RTP. Players have more than 1 chance in 3 of winning at least 5 euros, and that’s without counting the digital part of the game, which has double-digit rates.

Secondly, this game offers a good dose of adrenaline. As players progress throughout the game, the gameplay evolves and the nature of the choices to make vary. Although Menez l’Enquête is a pure game of luck, this unique characteristic provides players with an impression of control on the outcome which makes it more engaging.

Last but not least, Menez l’Enquête, as all the games leveraging the iDecide phygital logic, has the benefit of enriching the customer experience at POS while converting players to digital usages. This can be specifically interesting for lotteries willing to boost the growth of their einstants.

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