Expanding the lottery cosmos with Lucky Star

Welcome to Lucky Star, a new game that won’t go unnoticed in the vast universe of lottery games. Launched by La Française des Jeux on 29 January 2024, this game combines the best of scratch-off and number-matching mechanics in a dazzling experience.

And if you were to put your lucky star to the test?

Upon purchasing or opening the game, players are presented with 5 winning combinations of numbers. Each combination represents a special prize ranging from €5 to €1000. In the online version, they can decide to play manually or in auto mode.

To find out if wealth is written in their fate, players must then scratch or click on their own 12 lucky numbers at the top of the game. If their numbers match one of the winning combinations, magic happens! They can win up to €20,000.

With a design as sparkling as a starry night, this game takes players on a real journey guided by their lucky star, giving them a 1 in 3.68 chance of winning. Capitalizing on the popularity of number-matching games and the simplicity of scratch-off mechanics, this game is truly born under a lucky star. Available both in-store and online, it combines all the ingredients to attract a wide range of players.

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