The thrill of immediate gratification with Instant EuroMillions

Impatient players rejoice—no more waiting for scheduled draw days! Introducing Instant EuroMillions, a new digital game inspired by the widely popular EuroMillions lottery game. This exciting online version caters to French players, offering the thrill of multiple daily draws with instant results and prizes.

To play, players pick 5 lucky numbers from a range of 1-50 and select one of the 5 lucky stars. For those who are short on time or do not wish to choose, the “FLASH” system allows for a quick pick, selecting numbers at random.


Players are then transported to the virtual game stage, inspired by the TV set, where a transparent lottery drum mixes colorful lottery balls. Each game features a fixed jackpot of either €100,000 or €1,000,000. The jackpot cap is determined by a separate draw.


Matching at least 2 lucky numbers with those from the draw wins a prize. Combinations of numbers and stars have various prize levels.


If a player only matches one number or their lucky star, they enter the Bonus Game. To try their luck, they choose from 5 stars, each hiding a prize (€0, €1, €2.50).


Players can fill in two grids per game, and can cumulate their winnings, including those from the Bonus Game. Results are provided within seconds, a clear contrast to the traditional EuroMillions game, which has draws only on Tuesdays and Fridays.

With two distinct jackpots, bonus mechanics, and immediate results, Instant EuroMillions is thus a unique addition to La Française des Jeux online lottery games range, promising an exciting experience for amateurs of fast gameplays.

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