Digitizing the thrill of winning a Golden Ticket

Introducing Ticket d’Or (Golden Ticket), one of the latest instant games from La Française des Jeux, released in January 2024. Part of the Illiko® category, this new online scratch card brings the excitement of finding a lucky ticket right to the player’s fingertips. With a €5 stake and a top prize of €500,000, it is one of the highest tickets offered within this range! Let’s take a closer look at what makes this game a gem.

The beauty of Golden Ticket lies in its ability to recreate the mystery that a physical golden ticket would convey in real life. Its design is made up of symbols that evoke luck, such as the green and gold colors, the question marks, and the stars. The sound effects also perfectly mimic the ticket being torn off at the top and the surface being scratched. In addition, the music in the background immerses players in a cosy, sophisticated, and elusive atmosphere.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. The game is also very easy to play, making it accessible to all. To get started, players first have to scratch off the 6 winning numbers on the ticket. Each number represents a prize. Then, players have to uncover their own numbers. If one or more of their numbers match one or more of the winning numbers, they win the corresponding amount.

They can cumulate their winnings, but they could also win all of the prizes at once if they uncover a “GOLD” symbol within their numbers. This bonus hidden within the game adds an extra layer of suspense!

ticket d'or

Another advantage of this game is its high convenience. Players do not have to queue up at a point of sale or actually scratch off the ticket with a sharp object to reveal its contents. With just a few clicks, they can try their luck at this game anytime, anywhere, using their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

With a 1 in 3.83 chance of winning, this game is a perfect example of how lotteries can create simple yet thrilling online gaming experiences that appeal to diverse player profiles. If you are willing to develop online versions of iconic gameplays such as Golden Ticket, contact our team.

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