What are the benefits for lotteries of playing with seasonality?

Leveraging seasonality within lottery games is an opportunity to keep players engaged while tapping into the festive spirit of different occasions throughout the year. Lotteries can seamlessly integrate seasonal themes into their existing games to release special editions or create new ones to enhance the overall experience. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of incorporating seasonality into games for lotteries.

Increased player engagement

The anticipation of holiday-specific draws or graphical adaptations and the immersion of players in the holiday spirit through games add a layer of excitement for them. For instance, La Française des Jeux has just relaunched its evergreen game 100,000 Surprises for Easter with Easter bell symbols to match to resonate with players at this particular time of the year.

Whether it’s Easter or other celebrations, themed lottery games create a cultural sense of belonging for players through the shared experience in general.

Long-term player retention

Seasonal adaptations inject freshness and variety into a lottery’s portfolio, offering players new graphics, prizes, and game mechanics on a more regular basis. By offering themed events throughout the year, lotteries can cultivate a loyal player base that eagerly awaits seasonal releases and returns frequently to try them out. For instance, La Française des Jeux offers its multiplayer Bingo Live game on a continuous basis throughout the year. Celebrations such as Easter present the chance for FDJ to add novelty to this old time favorite game and create a kind of collective excitement, as demonstrated below with the Easter “number hunt”.

Creative flexibility

Seasonal adaptations provide ample opportunity for internal innovation. Lotteries can experiment with themed ticket designs, interactive gameplay elements, and special promotions tailored to each occasion, keeping the experience disruptive. Harnessing the seasonality of games also opens up new marketing avenues. Lotteries can brainstorm on promotional campaigns centered around holidays to draw in new pools of players. Finally, yearly national events provide lotteries with the flexibility to tailor their offerings to local trends and preferences, such as the 2024 Olympics for France. And regionally, lotteries can adapt games to diverse demographics and traditions, ensuring relevance and appeal across different markets within the same country.

In short, leveraging seasonality within lottery games offers a multitude of opportunities to stay ahead of the game, ranging from increased engagement and long-term player retention to creative flexibility. By embracing seasonal, local, and cultural events and adapting their offerings accordingly, lotteries can create dynamic and compelling gaming experiences that captivate players year-round.

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