Why Exploration Atlantide opens an ocean of possibilities for scratch games

In the boundless sea of lottery scratch games, Exploration Atlantide released by La Française des Jeux stands out for its ability to offer players a unique experience. Combining different game logics and tricks with an immersive atmosphere, it brings excitement to a whole new level. In fact, Exploration Atlantide engages players by adding several layers of complexity to the scratch-off concept, such as:

1. Choice-based mechanisms

At the start of the game, players are asked to choose if they wish to bet 1€ (for a prize of €12,000) or 2€ (for a prize of €24,000). Then, at each level of the game, they can choose to pocket their winnings (“stop”) or put them at stake again to play the next level (“continue”) at the risk of losing everything. Although the game is based on pure luck, these choices give players a satisfying sense of control over its outcome and incite them to come back for more.

2. A progressive logic

Exploration Atlantide is not a one-shot scratch game. To win the grand prize of the sunken island, players have to navigate through five different levels. This progressive logic increases players’ engagement, as they feel they are acquiring a “skill” throughout the game. Every time they complete a level, they enter a room with 10 treasure chests and must pick one to discover their potential win or mutiplier. On the last level, they access a room with one big chest only and they have to click on it 3 times to unveil their multiplier and their final win.

treasure chest room

3. A minesweeper-inspired gameplay

Exploration Atlantide is a real treasure hunt as players have to seek and collect a precise number of shells containing pearls to win. The number of pearls to be found decreases as players chart their course through the game while their winnings accumulate. This dual logic enhances the excitation of the game. In addition, they have to avoid five dangerous shells set as traps in each level, just like in a minesweeper game. These shells end the game immediately.

exploration atlantide

On top of these three dimensions, the immersiveness is amplified by high-quality sound and graphic effects. With its design inspired by the legendary lost city of Atlantis and its tension-building music, the game creates a mysterious atmosphere for players as they plunge into the abyss and explore the different areas of the submerged city.

In short, Exploration Atlantide is a beacon of lottery innovation as it provides a multi-dimensional gaming experience. Its various features elevate the traditional scratch-off concept, offering players a greater sense of control and skill, along with a thrilling thematic. With its immersive look and feel, it is a captivating odyssey that keeps players’ engagement high.

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