How to address new expectations from lottery players. Example from Expanding Dragons

With the pervasiveness of digital experiences and the rise of online gaming in today’s society, lottery companies may need to up their game. They can offer more sophisticated instant games that meet players’ new habits and expectations. Let’s take a look at the key features that attract a diverse audience using the example of the Illiko® game Expanding Dragons, released by La Française des Jeux.

A visually captivating universe

One of the most valuable aspects of a game is its aesthetic appeal. Expanding Dragons includes several well-crafted graphic assets, such as:

High-resolution elements to enhance realism. For instance, it includes two characters with sophisticated designs, several types of textured dragons (red, green, icy, burning), and environmental details such as a wintry landscape in the background.

• Animated reveal sequences with special and particle effects (explosions, burning flames, etc.), as well as shaders (lighting, shadows, etc.) that boost the excitement of the game.

expanding dragons

All of these elements combine to add depth to the gaming experience and help create a visually engaging universe for players. The screen comes alive with vibrant colors and motion, bringing the world of dragons to life with every play.

In addition, to set the mood for a dragon-themed adventure, the game features a custom soundtrack that intensifies climactic moments and adds to the immersive atmosphere.

A multi-faceted gameplay

To fuel players’ excitement, it also seems insightful to offer a storyline with many twists and turns. For instance, Expanding Dragons not only offers a symbol-matching mechanic but also:

Unlockable prizes – If players uncover +1 and +2 symbols, they are given additional chances to play. If they find the rare Golden Egg, they win a unique prize. And if the warrior character appears 3 times, they win €1,000 in one go.

expanding dragons

• Interactive elements – If players find a fire dragon symbol, some symbols will be burnt and replaced with new ones. If players find an ice dragon symbol, some symbols will be frozen and replaced with new ones.

expanding dragons

Hidden quest / Mini game – If players find the bonus word on the grid, they are given access to an extra game with 10 rounds of plays at the end of the main game. Each round reveals a lucky symbol with a corresponding prize. If a column on the grid contains that symbol, they win! The highest prize is awarded by the female character symbol (€20,000).

The three dimensions described above are becoming increasingly important in order to take lottery games to new heights and satisfy today’s online gaming expectations. Players are looking for real adventure, and Expanding Dragons, with its captivating visuals and special features, promises a thrilling experience for those used to online gaming.

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