A fresh and merry take on the timeless Bingo game

Creating disruption in the online gaming world does not always require inventing novel gameplays and features to enhance players’ experiences. Adding a modern twist to a classic game like Bingo can be an equally effective way to innovate and attract players. In fact, using existing game concepts can guarantee high engagement upon release since players are already familiar with the mechanics.

As a case in point, La Française des Jeux recently seized this opportunity and released an online version of the staple Bingo game with a contemporary and cheerful look to celebrate the holidays. Blending the thrill of completing a grid and shouting “Bingo!” with the instant gratification of scratch cards, this game is appealing to both young and nostalgic players. Available both in-store and online since November 27th, with prizes ranging from €3 to €30,000, it is the perfect addition to the Illiko games’ portfolio that recreates the spirit of a traditional New Years’ Eve ritual.

bingo poster

The unique aspect of this instant Bingo game is its two-fold gameplay. First, players have to click on the golden balls to reveal their lucky numbers. If they form one or more horizontal lines on the grid with these numbers, they win the amount indicated in the “prize” box. Then, players have to look at their numbers and see if the “Bingo” symbol appears to try and win €10 on top of their previous winnings, if any. The game’s mechanics are hence quite simple, but when coupled with festive graphics, purple tones, and fireworks, it delights an audience that relishes holiday cheer.

bingo screens

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