Wizz by FDJ: engaging new generations of players with multiplayer games

Launched by FDJ a few weeks back, the Wizz App’ is shaking up traditional lottery codes. Powered by a unique gaming engine supporting multiplayer modes, the fun lottery games offered within the app’ are highly appealing to younger demographics seeking to connect and compete. Let’s uncover the specificities of this new approach to online lottery games of chance.

On-the-go personalized gaming

Standing out from the other e-Instant games offered by FDJ, the WIZZ multiplayer games are available on a dedicated app’ of the same name. Upon downloading the app’, new users are asked to personalize an avatar that will represent them throughout all their future games. To boost enrollment, new players are granted 10 free tokens to start playing. They can top up their wallet at any time in the store if they wish to (1€ = 10 tokens). Players can then choose from three different multiplayer games. Each game has a specific entry wager, number of participants required and form of competition. Yet, all games follow the winner-take-all logic: players pool their stakes to increase the total prize which is then awarded in full to the winner (no prize division).

One multiplayer engine, several games

Construction gameplay – In Insane Totem, 3 players compete against one another in real time for a wager of 8 tokens. The goal of the game is to build the highest totem of all in five rounds. Each round, players get to choose one of the 4 possible building blocks to add to their totem. Once the blocks are set in place, a tornado comes through and wipes out some building blocks which are are removed from individual constructions. The player that possesses the highest totem at the end of the game wins the total of 24 tokens.

Guessing gameplay – In The Vault, with an initial bet of 2 tokens, 4 participants can battle out for the victory. The goal is for them to find as fast as possible the 4-digit combination to opens the vault. They have several tries during which they have to select 4 digits from 0 to 9. After each try, the right digits are saved whereas the wrong digits are locked and cannot be used for the next tries. The first player to find the right combination wins the 8 tokens prize.

Dice gameplay – Last but not least, in Zanzibar, 4 players can attempt to win 20 tokens by pooling 5 each. They successively roll the dice and try to get the highest score. The first player to reach 200 points wins the prize.

Converting tokens with The Wheel

Once players are satisfied with the amount of tokens they racked up and accumulated in their wallet, they can attempt to convert their stockpile in Euro by playing the eInstant game called “The Wheel“. Three stake levels are available: Bronze (up to 100€ prize), Silver (up to 10K€ prize), Gold (up to 100K€ prize). The Wheel has 20 segments each associated with a prize. The avatar only has to spin it to discover the awarded gains!

Three Wheels: bronze, silver & gold. Highest prize is 100K

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