Because we believe in fair, innovative gaming

The gaming industry needs to change to adapt to the new users and uses driven by digitalisation. If we want to stay competitive, relevant and legitimate, this means modernising and developing strategic partnerships to drive innovation and promote responsible gaming.

Who exactly are we?

We are the Innovation, Technology and Service Hub of Française des Jeux,
the 4th 
largest operator in the World Lottery Association.

How can we help you achieve this kind of transformation?

As a member of the World Lottery Association (WLA), we are committed to:

Developing international cooperation with lotteries

Playing globally across geographies and sectors

Making the whole WLA industry stronger and more ethical

Becoming a key B2B provider to the gaming industry

What does working with FDJ Gaming Solutions mean for you?
What are the benefits of working with us?

Drive your digital transformation across all channels through innovative content, technology and services

Maximise on industry cooperation, economies of scale and shared liquidity to operate internationally

Enhance your contribution to good causes, responsible gaming and ethical entertainment

Regardless of whether you want to transform part or all of your business, together, we can take your gaming operations to the next level to engage more deeply with all populations of players.

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