Distribution management

Delivering games in the right way

Gaming operators have to connect with an ever more demanding audience everywhere and anywhere. How can you reach out to these players more effectively?

Our Distribution Management solutions enable player-centric distribution of games across all channels.

Why use our distribution
management solutions?

Oversee player life cycles and accounts, enforce responsible gaming and compliance requirements, and integrate various payment methods and KYC services with our Player Account Management.

Manage your in-shop distribution network, limits, retail transactions, digital signage, shop content, POS equipment connection, network monitoring and software upgrades with our Retail Hub.

Recruit and retain more players and improve their life time value with our promotion management solution, Campaign Studio.

Enhance your profitability and risk management with our Player Segmentation based on our data mining expertise.

March 2016 – We were selected to provide our Application and our Retail Hub for 3,600 Camera Terminals ELITE delivered by Safran to Lotto Baden Würtenberg

Lotto Baden Würtenberg have selected our unique camera terminal Elite that we developed with our partner Safran. Thanks to our advanced imaging technology we can read betslips of any shape and colours using a camera and not anymore a traditional scanner....
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