Safer game


The strength and longevity of the gaming industry relies on us maintaining the highest possible standards for responsible gaming and anti-money laundering.

How can you ensure your operations comply with and promote the right values?

With over 15 years of experience, at the FDJ Group, we can provide valuable consulting and cutting-edge solutions to help you incorporate best practices and enhance your processes.

Why use our SaferGame services?

Mitigate risks related to money laundering and addiction with SaferGame Counter Fraud Management:


  • Unique solution coupling IBM big data technologies and FDJ know-how and expertise
  • Applies to money laundering and addictive gaming and betting across all channels wether players are identified or anonymous
  • Perfect for all operators which really care to enforce strong and efficient AML & Responsible Gaming Policies

Access advanced authentication tools with SaferGame Biometric:


  • Embed leading fingerprint and face recognition technologies from our partner Safran
  • Integrate innovative technologies for POS and mobile to ease KYC and secure your operations

Benefit from our extensive industry experience with SaferGame Consulting:


  • Consulting for AML, Responsible Gaming, Game Security and Quality, as well as anti-fraud management
  • Get support to obtain your responsible gaming certification

Because we need a fair and safe industry!