Revolo Innovative Games


Lotteries are facing increasing lateral competition that is capturing the 18-30-year-old audience with well-designed, innovative digital offers. Now, it’s time to fight back.

With RevoLo, we will rejuvenate and boost your digital lottery offer to adapt to new behaviours, expectations and uses.

Why use RevoLo for your lottery operations?

Engage new players
With our innovative content ranging from high quality instants to multi-steps probability games, localized to your requirements

Make your operations more agile
Integrate once and get access to our stream of content with the highest security and ethical standards

Consolidate your position as a moderniser
by harnessing open innovation and developing new types of games


Using our unique money games app store featuring
certified external studios that abide to strict security processes

What else can you access with RevoLo?

A progressive jackpot
A gamification engine to give players non-monetary rewards
New game engines and mechanics added regularly

What other content can we provide for your retail network?

High quality scratch cards at competitive prices
through BZP (the Beijing Zhongcai Printing Co. Ltd), our ISO and WLA certified joint-venture we established with the China Welfare Lottery in 1992. BZP is a leading supplier of scratch cards in China, which rapidly expands worldwide. With BZP we are happy to offer high standard tickets from a proven security printer.

New game concepts for shops such as
Hybrid scratch cards revealing data to launch and seed RevoLo games on mobile thanks to our unique Presto technology

RevoLo offers you a turnkey solution to create a digital lottery that is modern, competitive and web & mobile ready

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