LVS ABP Sportsbook processes 500+ betting transactions per second

During ICE Show 2016 in London, LVS (member of the FDJ Gaming Solution Group of Companies) announces that its Sportsbook, the Advanced Bettting Platform (ABP) is now reaching a new level of performance. On a single instance of its platform, it is achieving in excess of 500 transactions per second, 30,000 transactions per minute over a sustained period of time.

Jean CHRISTOPHE, CEO of LVS said: ‘With market concentration and digitalization, betting operations will require high performance omni-channel solutions. This is why LVS focuses its efforts in turning ABP into the best performing and most scalable betting technology in the market. LVS is now capable to address the needs of the largest bookmakers and WLA operators with modern, open, omni-channel technology.’