Jean CHRISTOPHE has been appointed as CEO of LVS with a mission for its product ABP to serve over 25,000 outlets in France

The Board of Directors of LVS Ltd, member of the FDJ Gaming Solution Group of Companies, is pleased to announce today the nomination of Jean CHRISTOPHE as Chief Executive Officer.

FDJ Group, the owner of LVS, has commissioned its new CEO to deliver an enhanced sportsbook solution for more than 25,000 shops in France.

Jean said: ‘LVS proved the high performance of its key product, the Advanced Betting Platform (ABP), a solution designed on recent yet proven technologies. Since 2010 LVS turned ABP from a pure online betting platform into a future-proofed omni-channel platform. In 2015, Santa Casa da Misericordia de Lisboa launched land-based operations with thousands of shops in Portugal with ABP, and LVS is currently extending its online solution to an omni-channel one in Israel for the Israeli Sports Betting Board. With such a track record I trust that LVS will succeed in this new project for FDJ, its parent company’.