Lotto Baden Würtenberg have selected our unique camera terminal Elite that we developed with our partner Idemia (fka Safran). Thanks to our advanced imaging technology we can read betslips of any shape and colours using a camera and not anymore a traditional scanner.

The competitive selection process conducted by Lotto Baden Württemberg highlighted the advantages of the ELITE terminal, which include enhanced services such as the management of ID documents and fingerprint authentication of retailers.

ELITE was first deployed in France in 30,000 points of sales and is now seen as the most advanced lottery terminal on the marketplace but also the most reliable. Indeed the  famous medium time between faults (MTBF) is now reduced dramatically as we do not have moving parts involved in the process of reading documents.

Our terminals are delivered together with our Retail Hub, which enables to manage and monitor the terminals and upgrade their software.

Marion Caspers-Merk, CEO of Lotto Baden-Württemberg said that after careful consideration, they chose Elite gaming terminals because this new technology offers many possibilities from which their sales partners and customers will benefit.